Who Are The Pocahontas?

The name of the Degree of Pocahontas is taken from the celebrated character in Native American history, Pocahontas, whose brief life presents a touching and beautiful picture of grace, beauty, and virtue as well as constant friendship to the palefaces.

All the information that comes down to us describes Pocahontas as being a woman of remarkable grace, beauty, and kindness of heart; of the character of Pocahontas, it is remarked that considering all circumstances it is not surpassed by any in the whole range of history and that for those qualities which do honor to our nature — a humane and feeling heart, and an unshaken constancy in her attachments — she stands almost without a rival.

The Degree of Pocahontas patterns itself after the virtues of this Native American princess — those virtues of teaching kindness, love, charity, and loyalty to one’s nation.  We are the Women’s Auxiliary of The Improved Order of Red Men.

Pocahontas Women's Auxiliary Improved Order of Red Men


We are actively recruiting new members into the organization.  Please download and complete the membership application and submit it to the Red Men lodge.


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